The tree remembers stands out for it’s simplicity practice.Is a folding urn that occupies little space. It’s paper, 100% biodegradable, made in cellulose. It is structured in two parts: a tank for the ashes, and another, for seed of any tree, shrub or plant which will germinate.

This urn is designed to accommodate the ashes of our dead next to the seed of a plant. The main aim is the absence of our loved and don’t suffer for our loss. A part of him will always be in our gardens or somewhere in nature for a certain time.

The Tree Remembers is a biodegradable urn which tries to revolutionize the way how we remember our deceased by turning the ashes into a tree.
This new urn has woken up the interest of the Red Dot jurors, with headquarters in Essen (Germany), who have granted The Tree Remembers with the award among more than 5.500 candidates from 54 different countries. Red Dot is one of the most prestigious awards when referring to industrial design.
Sortem, a leader business in distribution of funeral products located in Terrassa, presented this project to Funergal awards. This year, the International Fair of Products and Services held its 9th edition in Orense. In this edition, Zoon, won the prize for best product / service innovation.