La Nevateria is a young business. It is dinamic and energic. They would like to make a different kind of cafeterie, breaking the rules. They will offer their own products homemade, all of them thought for their customers.

They try to surprise their customers with innovative products. Not only the final product is important for them, but also how they sell them.

Grocs develops the corporate product of the Nevateria; Glass cabinet, Menu Board, packaging …

The corporate product of La Nevateria is defined like:

Neutral; because you have to highlight your product.

Functional; It facilitates the work of workers and The purchase of the customers.

Immediate; No complications, the simplicity of the immediateness is what has to do that the product integrate to the space.

Accessible; All the elements turn into part of the process so that they do not take part how an obstacle.

Orderly; Functionally and aesthetically tidy in order that the customer form part of the dynamic of interaction of the company.